23 août 2006

le croque mitaine / Bogeyman /Namahage

"Connaissez-vous Croque-mitaine

Miton, miton, mitaine

Il a deux yeux grands et perçants

Une grande bouche, de grosses dents"

The bogeyman, also boogeyman, boogyman, or bogyman, is a legendary ghost-like monster that children often believe is real.
The bogeyman has no specific appearance. He is sometimes equated with specific real-life persons, such as serial killer Albert Fish. The term bogeyman is also used metaphorically to mean a person or thing of which someone else has an irrational fear.

The most common of childhood fears associated with the bogeyman is that of someone (usually a monster) hiding in one's room (such as behind the door or under the bed). The bogeyman is said to lurk like this and then attack the sleeper.

Japan - Namahage are demons that warn children not to be lazy or cry, during the Namahage Sedo Matsuri, or "Demon Mask Festival", when villagers don demon masks and pretend to be these spirits.

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